Aircon Chemical Overhaul

The next stage of Chemical Wash maintenance, Aircon Chemical Overhaul is an even more thorough version than the previous Chemical Wash process. The removal of the entire system and parts is required to clean it even more thoroughly.

Some problems might be too serious for a normal Chemical Wash to fix. This might be due to long periods of time without maintenance for the air con unit. For this process, each part of the system would be dismantled. A proper condition check would be carried out to determine if the individual parts even as small as the screws need to be replaced. Repair works can also be carried out accordingly.

One of the tell tales signs that a Chemical Overhaul is required is the presence of any abnormal noise while the air con operates. While removing the various parts of the unit, the ball bearings can also be removed, cleaned or even replaced if need be to allow smoother functioning.

Another crucial part of the air con unit that would be cleaned would be the evaporator coil. Long build up of dirt and dust would hamper the coil’s ability to properly transfer ambient heat away. Clearing this section would allow smoother heat dissipation, thus cooling the area much more efficiently.

As a whole, both chemical wash processes would increase the efficiency of the air con unit. This would reduce the strain on the system’s parts and the decreased workload would allow the unit to have a longer life span, while reducing the electricity cost in the long run.


For serious aircon problems, each part of the system is dismantled and then cleaned, repaired or replaced if necessary.

No. of Units Price
1 $163.50
2 $305.20
3 $425.10
4 $523.20
5 $654

* 4 units or more, $121.11 per unit

** Cost above are for fan coil below 12000 BTU. For fan coil above 12000 BTU, additional cost may apply. Please enquire for quote.