Aircon Chemical Wash

Sometimes, even after general aircon servicing the Air Conditioning unit still might not perform at its full capacity. This calls for a different approach, which is called an Aircon Chemical Wash. It is the using of chemical reagents  during the cleaning process to solve more persistent Aircon issues.

Aside from our general Air Conditioning servicing, we also offer chemical based washing services which includes removing filters & water trays for a thorough cleaning using a cleaning chemical reagent. For Aircon Chemical Wash, we carry out a more extensive cleaning while removing any molds or dust particles that may be stuck over the years of operation. The relevant drainage pipes are also washed with the same chemicals.

It is recommended for an Aircon chemical Wash to be carried out at least twice a year, particularly for units which are operated daily for long hours. One of the purposes for Aircon Chemical Wash is to remove any molds or toxins that are stuck within the filters which might circulate around your homes or offices. This might be harmful in the long run, which is why a Chemical Wash is necessary to prevent any future health issues to occur to you and your family.

It can also eliminate one of the most common issues aircon display which is water leakages. The pipes and air con ducts would be cleaned and cleared, thus removing any residual water build-up. This ensures a cooler and smoother flow of air, while prolonging the lifespan of your air con unit.


Cleaning Fan coil unit (FCU). For units in daily use, twice yearly is ideal. This will extend aircon lifespan, and improve indoor air quality.

No. of Units Price
1 $92.65
2 $174.40
3 $245.25
4 $305.20
5 $381.50

* 4 units or more, $76.30 per unit
** Condenser $87.20 per unit