Aircon Repair/ Aircon Troubleshooting

With the help of our experienced technicians, Cold Max Aircon Pte Ltd provides a variety of Aircon Servicing which includes repair and troubleshooting.

Ranging from the common cases of leaks, lack of cold air to the circuit board malfunctions, we troubleshoot(aircon troubleshoot) the condition of your Aircon unit and treat it(aircon repair) accordingly.
One example is water leakage from your fan coil unit. In most cases, the accumulation of dust, dirt and grime causes the drain pipe to clog up. This then forces the water to accumulate and overflow, thus leaking out of the unit. This usually can be resolved by a thorough clearing and cleaning of the drain pipe.
If you notice your energy bills and consumption rising suddenly, it could be due to the Aircon unit working harder than usual to provide you with the cool air. This can be due to the build up of dust, dirt and other particles along the filters, which is preventing it from working at its normal capacity.
These are just some of the common cases owners come across when using their Aircon unit. That is where we step in to provide you with troubleshooting and repair services where needed.