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Why is the room not cold?
  • Aircon temperature is set too high.
  • Windows and doors are opened.
  • Remote control is not the cooling mode.
  • Indoor fancoil is dirty resulting in weak discharge of cool air
  • Outdoor condenser is dirty resulting in overheating of compressor.
  • Parts may be faulty.
  • May not be enough refrigerant in the aircon system.
  • Air conditioner installed is undersized.
Why is the aircon leaking water?

Water condensates in the indoors fan coil, and discharges through a drainage pipe. Water will start leaking when the drainage pipe is choked / clogged

Why is the aircon not working?
  • electrical power is not working.
  • wiring problem.
  • P.C.B problem.
Why is the aircon smelly?

This could be due to the smell of cigarettes odors or other air pollutants being absorbed into the unit and tainting the air flow.

Why does the aircon need chemical cleaning?

When a general service cannot improve the condition, chemical cleaning is necessary. Chemical flush is a very thorough way of cleaning the air conditioner. Keep your air-conditioning unit in peak condition with chemical wash and you’ll see and feel the difference in performance.

Why is the aircon noisy ?
  • Typically, noise is a result of dirty fan coil.
  • Faulty parts in the aircon system.
  • Vibration noise due to problems with indoor fan coil, or outdoor condenser.
What are the Benefits of Aircon Servicing?
  • Cooler Environment – With regular servicing, your aircon units will perform at its optimum potential resulting in a cooler environment. Usually aircon servicing is only procured after breakdown occurs, causing productivity disruption in the workplace, or discomfort at home, with regular servicing, your environment can remain pleasant year over year, without causing stress or productivity disruption.
  • Power Effiecient – Playing a very important part to even deciding an aircon system is the power consumption. With a regular Aircon servicing, aircon units will run at better efficiency and consume less power.
  • Minimal Water Leakage – Regular aircon services will ensure that water leakage are monitored and fixed.
  • Less Aircon Repair Charges – Regular maintenance will ensure that your aircon performs well and to prevent larger one time charges for broken down units. Our aircon services come with professional knowledge of these systems so you can have the best recommendations at the best rate.
  • The aircon unit’s lifespan will be prolonged.
Can I service the aircon myself?

You can clean the fan coil cover and wash the air filter by yourself. However, it is advisable to engage qualified service technicians as they have the proper tools and equipment for servicing, check safety circuits, refrigerant pressure, and also vacuum the drainage pipe.

Why does the air-con switch on/off by itself and have its indicator light blinking?

It could be due to a defective electronic circuit board. Our specialists can diagnose and repair issues such as this.

What is the optimal air-conditioner temperature to be set?

Generally, 25oC26oC is optimum. A mere 1oC increase can raise your operating cost up by 15%.

What is the warranty period for aircon unit?

For residential units the warranty period for the spare part is 1 year and for the compressor is 5 years which is provided by the local agent.

What is an inverter air conditioner?

An Inverter system has a variable speed compressor, it has a variable speed compressor. The rotation speed frequency is regulated intelligently to meet specific cooling load requirement. Power consumption is thus more efficient.

What type of air con services do your company provide?

We provide a full range of air con service. The following are the list:

  • Aircon servicing
  • Regular contract maintenance
  • Chemical cleaning/ Chemical overhaul
  • Installation of air conditioning system
  • Aircon repair
  • Evaluate and advice
What happens if I do not service my aircon?

The life span of the air conditioner will be shortened, cooling decreases with usage and water leakage problem may occur as a result of a choked drainage system. The inefficient operation will then cause the electricity consumption to increase.

How frequent should I Service my aircon unit?

It is good to service residential air conditioner around 3 to 4 times a year, and monthly for office and commercial units. However, this period differs depending on usage.

Why should I sign a service maintenance contract?
  • Discount on spare parts replacement and chemical overhaul.
  • Ensures a healthy and pleasant living or working environment.
  • 冷气温度设定过高。
  • 窗户和门被打开。
  • 室内冷气机阻塞。
  • 室外散热器过热导致压缩机停止操作。
  • 可能出现故障。
  • 可能没有足够的制冷剂在冷气系统。
  • 冷气马力不足。
  • 排水管阻塞。
  • 冷气阻塞导致渗水。
  • 排水零件损坏。
  • 电力无法正常提供。
  • 接线出了问题。
  • 电子板有故障。




  • 冷气肮脏。
  • 有零件损坏。
  • 振动噪声来至问题室内风机盘管(FCU)或室外冷凝器。
  • 增加冷度。
  • 减少漏水问题。
  • 冷气机寿命会延长。
  • 优化和省电。












  • 一般清洗。
  • 合约保养。
  • 化学清洗。
  • 冷气维修。
  • 安装冷气机。
  • 漏水问题。
  • 冷度不足。
  • 电费增加。
  • 冷气机的寿命会缩短。


  • 确保有一个健康和舒适的生活环境。
  • 如有问题,无需烦恼。
  • 有更多的折扣。